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EGL Pearl Quality Certification

In January 2002, we began to list pearl jewelry items with European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) certificates and Universal Gemological Services (UGS-appraisal affiliate of EGL) appraisal reports. EGL is best know for its diamond certification and is highly respected worldwide as the authority of gem quality. Pearl Oasis is the only online pearl merchant providing EGL certificates for pearl jewelry and UGS Pearl Appraisal Reports. You can see a current list of pearl jewelry with EGL certificates or UGL appraisals by clicking here.

EGL Certified Pearl Necklaces

In addition, we have a collection of our AAAA necklaces that also comes with an EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) appraisal certificate that describes the pearls and lists the retail replacement value of the pearls alone. You can see a current list of these necklaces by clicking here. We individually knot between each pearl. No other retailer offers you EGL certified and appraised cultured pearl necklaces.

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