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Pearls Make A Chic Fashion Statement!

multi-strand pearl necklaces

Wear pearls, pearls and more pearls

One of today's hottest pearl styles is to wear multiple strands of pearls. To take your look from demure to dramatic, layer on the pearls! This sassy secret has worked wonders since the beginning of time. Imagine a cascade of pearl strands swinging over your simple black sheath or sweater set .

Mix different pearl sizes and lengths with reckless abandon (though keeping your pearls close in color produces the best effect). Multiple strands of pearls work for both day and evening. They look best with simple crew or V-necklines, although the adventurous may layer them flirtatiously in an unbuttoned neckline of a blouse or shirt.

Be sure to see our beautiful collection of multi-strand pearl necklaces. Also, you can design your own 2 strand pearl necklace or 3 strand pearl necklace.

Pink freshwater pearls

White isn't the only Pearl color!

Pastel colors are in and freshwater pearls are available in natural colors that range from pink to peach to lavender. Multi strand pastel freshwater pearls in multiple colors with a large silver clasp are perfect summer evening wear. A single strand of pink or peach freshwater is fashion dynamite with a hot pink or peach bikini. Visit our Freshwater Pearl Necklace catalog.

dangle black pearl earrings

Pearl Dangles are Hot!!!

Long, swinging pearl earrings are the number one fashion choice. Sexy pearl chandelier styles are perfect for evening and long, geometric pearl earrings in white and yellow gold have become the look of choice for daytime. Sensuous, shoulder-sweeping pearl earrings create a feeling of glamour like nothing else! Visit our Dangle Pearl Earring catalog.

Tahitian black pearl necklace

Be A Polynesian Princess!

Clip on a strand of Tahitian pearls, the only natural black pearl, and you're an alluring tropical beauty fresh from a swim in a crystal clear lagoon. Tahitian pearls have base colors that range from black, gray, blue, green and brown with shimmering overtones of blue, pink, gold, silver, reddish purple (eggplant color) and peacock green. This richness of colors make them the diamonds of the pearl kingdom. Visit our Tahitian Pearl Necklace catalog.

Pearl bangles are back!

Pearl Bangles are Back

Arms are on the fashion fast track right now. Pearl bangles and pearl bracelets, big and small have taken center stage. Visit our Pearl Bracelets catalog.

pearl lariat necklaces

Lariats are not just for Cowgirls!

Pearl lariats are "open" pearl necklaces that you wear like a scarf. They are sophisticated and chic. Styles range from white gold chains with Tahitian pearls on the end, to long strands of pearls that you tie like a necktie. Another hot style is the Move-A-Pearl ™ lariat (called Pearls-in-Motion by the Famous Brand). Visit our Pearl Lariats catalog.


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