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All About Freshwater Pearls

Many people still associate freshwater pearls with the small, irregular shaped pearls marketed 10 years ago. Today, Chinese cultured freshwater pearls are a good value when you want real pearl jewelry.In addition to Chinese freshwater pearls, Pearl Oasis now offers the All-American Pearl Collection™, fine pearl jewelry made from pearls cultured in the lakes of Tennessee. These beautiful American freshwater pearls are grown longer than most Asian freshwater pearls. The longer culturing time means that the All-American Pearl has thicker nacre and a deeper luster. They are a better quality freshwater pearl. The settings used in the All-American Pearl Collection are designed and cast in the USA by American artisans. The All-American Pearl Collection™ currently includes rings, earrings and pendants.Some people think cultured pearls are fake pearls. They are not. They are real pearls. Just like farm-raised cattle produce real beef, farm-raised pearls are real pearls. Freshwater Pearl FarmFreshwater pearls are from mussels while saltwater pearls are from oysters. The chemical produced by the freshwater pearl mussel that forms the pearls is identical to the chemical produced by the saltwater pearl oyster. A live mussel is opened slightly and a small piece of mussel tissue, shell bead or small pearl is inserted into the mantle of the mussel. The mussel is then attached to a wire frame and the frame is suspended from a float in freshwater lakes or irrigation ditches.
Freshwater Pearl farmers opening shellsAfter 2 to 4 years, the frame is pulled up and the mussels are harvested and the shells are opened.
Freshwater pearlsA single mussel can produce 10 or more pearls. Nature colors can range from white, lavender, peach, or pink.
Processing freshwater pearlsAfter harvesting, the pearls are often polished by hand or tumbled with cork powder to bring up the luster. Some white pearls are bleached using mild bleach and bright fluorescent lights. Finally, they are drilled either half way through the pearl (half drills) or all the way through the pearl. Half drills are used for earrings, rings and pendants, while full drills are used for necklaces and bracelets.

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