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JPEA Pearl Certification

Pearl Oasis is one of a select few pearl jewelry retailers to offer our best quality Japanese cultured pearl necklaces with the Japanese Pearl Exporters' Association tag that certifies they have passed the Cultured Pearl Quality Standards of Japan. All our Japanese cultured pearl necklaces come with this certification tag. Click here to see our collection of Akoya Necklaces and look for those that say Japanese.

All our AA+, AAA and AAAA grade necklaces are made in the USA by our designer. We individually knot between each pearl and add our custom designed 18K gold, double-sided clasps. The clasps we use has the same gold content and quality as those used by the Famous Brands.

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Pearl Oasis
PO Box 2631, Alexandria, Virginia 22301 USA
Phone: 703-683-2678

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