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Proof of Our Pearl Quality

Every pearl jewelry item in our catalog has been individually graded by our Designer, Sunny Chen. Ms Chen is GIA trained in proper pearl grading and has been grading pearls for more than 10 years. You will find that our on-line catalog lists a detailed description of all of our pearl jewelry including: pearl type, pearl size, pearl body color, pearl overtone, pearl luster, pearl surface quality, pearl nacre thickness, pearl matching (if applicable), origin of the pearls, type of clasp and type of gold. We are the only on-line pearl jewelry retailer that provides this detailed information about the quality of our jewelry.

Pearl Oasis Certification of Pearl Quality

Upon request, we will provide an Authenticity Certificates for all our cultured pearl jewelry. The Certificate includes the invoice number, the customer's name, a detailed description of the item along with a picture and the list price (the suggested retail price). There is no additional cost, but you need to request the certificate in the "comments" section at check out.

We use the cultured pearl value factor standards provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The Guide for Grading Akoya Cultured Pearls by Gemworld International, Inc. We use the G.I.A. Gem Pearl Master Comparison Set to actually compare with the pearls we grade (to see the set, click here). The G.I.A. Gem Pearl Master Comparison Set is developed by Gemworld International, Inc. and International Cultured Pearls of The Orient, Inc. for G.I.A. and exclusively provided by G.I.A. The grading is done by our G.I.A. trained jewelry designer, Sunny Chen.

Japanese Pearl Exporters Association (JPEA) Certification of Pearl Quality

Pearl Oasis is one of a select few pearl jewelry retailers to offer our best quality Japanese akoya cultured pearl necklaces with the Japanese Pearl Exporters' Association tag that certifies the pearls have passed the Cultured Pearl Quality Standards of Japan. All our Japanese cultured pearl necklaces come with this certification tag. Click here to see our collection of Akoya Necklaces and look for those that say Japanese.

All our JPEA certified AA+, AAA and AAAA grade pearl necklaces are made in the USA by our designer with Japanese cultured pearls . We individually knot between each pearl.

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) Certification of Pearl Quality

In January 2002, Pearl Oasis was the first to list pearl jewelry items with European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) certificates and Universal Gemological Services (UGS-appraisal affiliate of EGL) appraisal reports. EGL is best know for its diamond certification and is highly respected worldwide as an authority of gem quality. Pearl Oasis is the only online pearl merchant providing EGL certificates for pearl jewelry and UGS Pearl Appraisal Reports. You can see a current list of pearl jewelry with EGL certificates or UGL appraisals by clicking here.

In addition, we have a collection of our AAAA necklaces that also comes with an EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) appraisal certificate that describes the pearls and lists the retail replacement value of the pearls alone. You can see a current list of these necklaces by clicking here. We individually knot between each pearl and add our custom designed 18K gold, double-sided clasps. The clasps we use has the same gold content and quality as those used by the Famous Brands. No other retailer offers you EGL certified and appraised cultured pearl necklaces.

We can obtain an EGL certification for any other pearl jewelry item in our catalog. The cost is $250 and usually takes 6 to 10 weeks.

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