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White Akoya Pearl Necklaces

The word "Akoya" means "saltwater" in Japanese. Akoya pearls are cultured using a variety of oyster that only grows in salt water. Historically, saltwater oysters were first used at the beginning of the 20th Century to produce pearls through pearl farming. Akoya pearls are naturally white. Black akoya pearls are treated to make them black. Call them Akoya pearls, saltwater pearls or Japanese pearls, these pearls are use to produce the finest quality pearl necklaces.

Today, both Japan and China produce Akoya pearls. You will find that we identify the country of origin of the pearls we use to make our Akoya pearl necklaces. Since we do our own grading, an AA+ Japanese Akoya pearl necklace will be the same quality as an AA+ Chinese Akoya pearl necklace.

Below you will be able to search for your Pearl Oasis white akoya pearl necklace by length, pearl size, and quality.

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