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Tin Cup Necklace w/7-7.5MM Akoya Cultured Pearls, 14K Yellow Gold, 20 In. (Item Number: N0111)

This item features genuine cultured pearls. Pearl Information:

Pearl Type: Akoya saltwater cultured pearls. AA to AA+ Grade. Size: 7 to 7.5MM. Shape: Round. Body Color: White. Overtone: Pink. Luster: Medium to High. Surface: Very Slightly Blemished. Nacre Thickness: Medium. to Thick. Matching: Very Good Match. Origin: Japan. Length: 20-inch (Matinee). 15 Pearls. Setting: 14K Yellow Gold. 2.2MM Rolo chain with lobster claw clasp.

For Akoya pearls, we use cultured pearl value factor standards provided by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The Guide for Grading Akoya Cultured Pearls by Gemworld International, Inc. We use G.I.A. Gem Pearl Master Comparison Set to actually compare with the pearls we grade. The G.I.A. Gem Pearl Master Comparison Set is developed by Gemworld International, Inc. and International Cultured Pearls of The Orient, Inc. for G.I.A. and exclusively provided by G.I.A.

List Price: $629.00

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Tin Cup Necklace w/7-7.5MM Akoya Cultured Pearls, 14K Yellow Gold, 20 In.


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