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10MM Ball Shape Magnetic Clasp 14K White Gold For Pearls 8-10MM (Item Number: C0040)

Clasp Style: Ball Shape Magnetic Clasp. High polish finish.
Magic PowerŪ Clasps have strong magnets which can easily be fastened and unfastened at the neck or wrist. These clasps hold fast until the two halves are rotated toward each other. Then they easily release.
Measurement: 10MM.
Metal: 14K White Gold.
Suggest Using: For one strand pearl necklace. Suggest to use for pearls from 8MM to 10MM.

Handling the Magnetic Clasp
1. The magnets are glued into the two halves of the clasps. Do not use any heat nor leave the magnetic clasp in a cold environment.
2. The magnet is strong, but we do not reccomend using them either for heavy stone necklaces or necklaces with larger pearls over 8MM.
3. The magnet is rarely a problem with pacemakers. If you have a pacemaker, please contact your doctor before handling or wearing.